Welcome to HelpKids Trust

Our Process

1. Beginning of November, we send application forms to all the schools in person or through post directed to the Head Master of the respective schools. You can also apply individually by downloading our application form in our website.

2. We accept applications from schools and individuals till Nov 30 of every year.

3. Our volunteer(s) make in-person visits to a number of pre-screened college applicant’s homes to make a comprehensive assessment of the student’s needs and living conditions. A face to face interview is conducted and the proceedings are recorded in video format.

4. Based on the collected data and recordings the selection process takes place.

5. Selected students are contacted with the details of the scholarship.

6. In the month of June an award ceremony is conducted at Tirunelveli, Madurai, Villupuram and Dharmapuri, to award the approved scholarships. All selected students, their parents and teachers are invited to attend this meeting. The sponsors are also encouraged to attend this meeting to present the awards to students and interact with them directly.

7. The actual scholarship amount is wired directly to the bank or the school in person.